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Who Am I

Born and raised in Melbourne Australia,  Ricardo Taylor, known by friends and colleagues as Ric, is an accomplished Architect and Surveyor. Ric’s introduction to architecture and building began at the young age of 7 years old. His father’s long career in real estate triggered his interest in the art of creating and developing new properties from scratch. He began tracing the blueprints of homes his father would bring home. Ric’s father noticed his son’s interest in building and would on occasions allow Ric to visit worksites with his uncle who was a well-known architect in Melbourne. Ric’s uncle taught him the tricks of surveying throughout his teenage years. Eventually, Ric followed up his home training with a formal education in architecture and surveying which would lead him to a long and successful career in the field.

graduatesRic graduated with a degree in Architecture from RMIT University, an Australian public research university known for its prestigious architecture and technology program, RMIT is one of the top architecture schools located in Ric’s hometown of Melbourne. During his time at RMIT Ric began to gain interest in South East Asian architecture and community development. He focused his studies and his spare time becoming acclimated with the climate of the Asian architecture and development industry.

Ric took his work and interests to the next level when he joined his former professor, Harold White, on a one-year experiential learning trip focusing on architectural ventures in Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong. Following his learnings, Ric began working as an intern on several surveying ventures in Asia. His hands-on experience inspired him to continue his education at Taylor University, an award-winning university with extreme prestige as the top university of architecture in Malaysia. Ric’s educational background and natural interests in architecture lead him to share his findings on urban planning and city development through public speaking engagements that spiraled him into success after receiving his master’s degree.

Ric has worked vigorously on several corporate and commercial ventures and projects. His architectural skills served as an asset on projects ranging from speculative office buildings, housing projects, specialty facilities, multi-family homes and housing projects, short-term rental projects, sports and fitness facilities, education centers, and high-level government projects. Professionally, Ric sets the criterion within and outside of the office space for a client to feel valued and comfortable. His professional take has resulted in a service focused standard of industry success.

Ric’s work and influence have been referenced in professional journals and architectural literature. He has been recognized for his work as a scholarly professional in his field. Ric has written and published his own educational essays on the role of architecture in developmental stages and the evolution of Asian architecture.

man wearing brown jacket is posing for the cameraRic has excelled at providing valuable information and consultation to clients on all scales. As a surveyor, Ric has succeeded in providing accurate determinations of terrestrial and three-dimensional positioning to create innovative landscapes in the architectural sphere. Ric’s work has led him to become a major player in Asia’s custom residential industry. He has displayed exceptional skills with complex problem solving and ideation. With over 20 years of experience, Ric has become an advocate for Green/Sustainable architecture and community first initiatives. He has taken a holistic approach on all of his projects with a special focus on the development and growth of Asian architecture. Ric is well known for using and developing his knowledge in the realm of sustainable building materials and environmentally friendly approaches. Ric has been accredited for his work with site view orientation and his creative use of passive solar and green building techniques. His journey to finding ways to incorporate green initiatives in Asian architectural planning has lead him to identify a holistic approach to active solar electricity, geothermal heating and ventilation systems, rainwater harvesting and the utilization of radiant barriers and vapor insulation. His educated and intuitive approach at architecture has led him to be recognized with several awards and certificates in his field. Ric has been recognized by architecture publications and award associations such as 2A Asia, The ARCASIA Awards for Architecture, The International Property Award, and the DFA design for Asia awards.

Over the years, Ric’s work has lead him to collaborate with prestigious colleagues on large scale international projects. Ric has been recognized by his associates as a professional, responsible, fast thinking, and knowledgeable in all areas of architecture and surveying. He is recognized for his steadfast focus on design and sustainability. Colleagues have described Ric’s work as forward-thinking and environmentally friendly with a focus on innovation. Ric prides himself on being able to provide valuable architectural information to the public and to the architect community. His mission statement as an architect is to “Provide the  professional service of architecture and surveying while instilling value in the product, developing meaningful client relationships, maintaining environmental sustainability, and educating the public in all areas of architecture and development.”

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