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Urban Planning

Ric’s Asia specializes in full-service urban planning and development work. Our services extend across all aspects of the planning process including strategy and development assessment in the beginning stages of the project, and extending to full project management, planning support, specialist research and drafting. With our help, your project will be handled with the utmost care. We consider all guidelines and stipulations including government and local policies. Our clients praise us for our dedication to service and our commitment to community building. Innovation and creativity sets us apart from our competitors. We are the primary source for access to extensive networks and impeccable performance. Our hands-on team uses strategic leadership to bring your most challenging projects to life. Ric’s initiatives focus on pre-planning & assessment, strategy and planning, specialty area planning & consultation, technical planning appeals and petitioning, green initiatives and zoning, and zoning applications for short term rentals.

Previous Projects and Contract Categories:

At Ric’s Asia we have worked with groups and projects on all scales. Our diverse portfolio allows us to stand out from our competitors. Colleagues and past clients have described us as highly skilled in project management, design, and sustainability. Our team is equipped with the bandwidth and flexibility to manage multiple projects while showing each client individual attention and personalizing each project. We are heavily respected in the architecture and urban planning community. We instill our values in our products while developing meaningful client relationships and maintaining environmentally sustainable initiatives on all of the following projects:

  • corporate projectsCorporate and commercial ventures
  • Housing projects & specialty facilities
  • Multi-family homes
  • Short term rental projects
  • Sports & fitness facilities
  • Education centers
  • High-level government projects

Pre-Planning & Assessment:

We take the pre-planning and assessment of your project very seriously.  Ric’s Asia recognizes the importance of understanding the landscape and evaluating the environmental impact of every assignment.

  • Full-service development & analysis
  • Full-service site analyzation
  • Specialty facility scouting & surveying
  • Detailed planning
  • Environmental surveying and consideration
  • Specialized green initiatives
  • Corporate & commercial venture analysis
  • Animal and wildlife consideration
  • Risk analyzation & Management

Zoning Applications for Short Term Rentals:

We recognize the challenges that investors face with short-term rental properties and applications. Laws and stipulations surrounding short term rental properties are constantly changing and should be watched carefully when developing a new project. With our help, you can manage all legal affairs connected to state and local short-term rental planning.

  • Full representation on all short-term rental projects
  • Zoning paperwork and court representation
  • Development and legalities
  • Legal representation on all local and statewide short-term policies

Strategy & Planning:

Identifying the elements necessary to make your project successful throughout all phases is an essential function at Ric’s.

  • Government planning on local and statewide levels.
  • Instrument assessment and scouting
  • Strategy based structure and framework
  • Full structural planning
  • Local surveying and government analysis
  • Local and statewide developmental appeals

Specialty Area Planning & Consultation:

Worker documenting the progress

We track down specialist in all areas necessary to complete unique projects and first-time undertakings. Our mission is to maintain the integrity of all projects through educated planning and well-researched development.

  • Land and supply analyzation & assessment
  • Expert surveyors & developmental professionals
  • Private & public consultation
  • Residential, corporate, and commercial training

Technical Planning Appeals & Petitioning:

Ric’s Asia handles all specialist court appeals and petitioning to secure legalities and stipulations for your projects. We understand the importance of abiding by local community and national zoning laws. We view ourselves as active members of the project and take on the same legal responsibilities as our clients.

  • Legal council and representatives for all court and legal affairs
  • Mandatory court-ordered appearances, mediations, and dates
  • Local and national legal undertakings
  • Expert witness and advocacy
  • Professional consultation and assessment of all legal affairs

Green Initiative & Zoning:

Maintaining the natural habitat of the community and securing an environmentally friendly initiative is essential to our mission at Ric’s Asia. We work with community leaders and environmentalist to secure positive relationships and green architecture and surveying. We believe in maintaining the integrity of all landscapes and communities with consideration of the wildlife, air quality, and overall quality of living for residences.

  • Sustainable building materials
  • Environmentally friendly approaches
  • Intensive environmental surveying and development
  • Environmental zoning applications
  • Community environmentalist representation and advocacy
  • Full approvals and strategic partnership with agriculture & environmental groups
  • Animal advocacy and activism with a connection to project resources and dynamics
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