Surveying and architectural work information

Residential Surveying and Architectural Work

My team’s experience with residential development and construction sets us apart from our peers. We specialize in providing excellent services with the full scope of the neighborhood and community in mind. Our work is custom and original. Whether you are an individual looking to build your own home from scratch, or a residential housing group looking to build new housing in your community, we are here to provide innovative and efficient service for your project. We take pride in providing eco-friendly solutions that take into consideration the history and integrity of the residential space and neighborhood. As an independent worker, I’ve contributed to countless residential ventures within Asia. I specialise in completing all requirements of the job with consideration of the deadline and the budget. We accurately identify ways of increasing the value of your property through the inclusion of modern technologies and development. My services vary, with the ability to incorporate my team of consultants and residential specialists. My support, guidance, and leadership is here for you from project start to finish. My track record and the history of my teams success can be vouged for by my long list of clients, and the results of my work and consultation.

Residential Architecture Services

Our residential architecture team is known for their ability to manage the planning and design of residential projects. Our capabilities allow us to aid our clients in creating spaces that match their direct needs, while still valuing functionality, concept, and design. Our team uses a combination of science and mathematics to design residential spaces that highlight the community and the client. We create homes that are innovative, practical, and functional. Our results are continuously unmatched and our leadership is exceptional. We handle each individual project with the utmost attention to detail.

We provide residential architectural support in the following fields:

  1. Interior design - classic and timelessResidential Architecture – We will design your custom home or neighborhoods with functionality as a key factor in design. We pride ourselves on the innovation in individuality in each of our designs.
  2. Interior Design: We provide the final touches to your home or residential project with style, functionality, modernism, and innovation design. We consult with the client and provide original ideas that fulfill the client’s vision.
  3. Green Design Architect: We design your custom home or residential property with with environment and eco- friendly values in mind. We specialise in using materials that compliment the environment and provide optimal air quality for residences.
  4. Urban designer/ Planner: Designers and architects that deal with and specialize in designing with the full scope of a city, district, or neighborhood in mind.

Detailed Residential Architectural Duties

Our team is fully qualified to handle all aspects of your project within the aforementioned fields. We aim to bring your residential project to life with full attention to detail and precision.

Advising: Design & Sustainability
We provide you with coveted advice on your residential project. We are here to take your idea and bring it to the next level. We focus on design and sustainability as well as innovation. We aim to save you costs on lifecycle, energy, and overall sustainability on your project.

Interior Design & Consulting
As your interior designer, we understand the importance of maintaining a specific ambiance for your residential project, especially if it is a family home. We are here to consult with you on your ideas and help them evolve into an innovative collaboration

Residential Property Design
Project design is one of our main architectural duties for residential projects. We understand the importance of considering safety and sustainability within all of our residential designs. We value the idea of functional residential living and we are fully in line with city and state regulations around design and space.

Residential Urban Planning & Master Design
We consult with skilled urban planners who specialise in incorporating residential life into overall urban planning initiatives. We consider how your residential project will coincide with local commercial projects and the overall feel of your residential community.

Planning Permit Applications
We identify any local or neighborhood regulations in line for your residential project. We maintain communication with all city and neighborhood officials for the correct building permits necessary.

Coordinating and Acting as Liaison Between Consultants
Our team consults with valued professionals on the development of your residential project. Through our network, we are able to identify specialist with the skill set to bring all of your residential needs to life. Our network varies from interior designers, niche specialist, specialist architects and engineers, and many more talented construction industry professionals.

Residential Surveying Services

By working with me, and my residential surveying team, you’ll be afforded top notch service in the following areas.


  • Business valuation reportsGeneral & Business Valuations
  • Financial and Cost Advising / Management / Planning
  • Value Surveying and Engineering.
  • Fulfillment and progress reporting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Profit evaluation & reporting
  • Financial & Cost control evaluation
  • Rates Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Mortgage/ Loan surveying & Management
  • Documentation & Tender Preparation
  • Problem evaluation and inspection – Leakage reporting

Our detailed capabilities list is as follows:
Note: We are able to customise services based on the needs of your residential project.

Residential Property Boundary Surveying

  • Establishing and marking boundaries – especially for urban and local residential areas
  • All title amendment and application management
  • Documentation management: Lease, restrictions, neighborhood deeds

Residential Engineering Surveying

  • We provide provision of survey control as well as continuous precise surveying and management of major components of measurements of the the land and earth on your project.

Specialty Eco- Friendly Surveying

  • Evaluating how to incorporate eco – friendly solutions while optimising the profit and minimising costs of the land
  • Understanding and maintaining a log of all laws and regulations around eco- safe state initiatives.

Legal & Court Specific Representation

  • Our surveying team is trained and fully equipped with all court and legal documentation to ensure a smooth development process for your residential project. We provide licensed Surveyors who have the training to provide expert witness in court with consideration of all residential boundaries and planning laws.

Residential Condition Surveying

  • My team of expert and specialty residential surveyors implement monitoring and testing for all the conditions of your residential project. Our motto is “Prevention is better than cure.” We recognise the importance of being prepared for natural and manmade happenings that could compromise the condition of your residential property. For that reason, we provide detailed reporting on all land processes.
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