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As an experienced Surveyor and Architect, I’ve worked with clients on both residential and commercial projects ranging from small to large scale. I’ve successfully completed surveying work for over 60 projects in Asia, and architecture work for multiple firms and independent entities with excellent client feedback and consistent delivery. I specialise in reaching all requirements of the project in a timely manner exact to deadline and within budget. As a fully independent entity, I have succeeded in delivering unquestionable attention to detail, supreme accuracy, and top tier customer service. I also specialise in accurately identifying and further investigating problems and setbacks on projects. I can help you reach your goals and bring your objectives and vision to life. My services vary, with a wide range of capabilities from purchase, sales, audits, detailing, and more. I place high attention to quality and feasibility, as well as design and development. My guidance and support is available through full process from pre-planning through construction and completion. My track record serves as proof of unparalleled service and precise work.

Architecture Services

My architect specific services are designed to give you unmatched results in various levels of the project. As the architect on your project, I will use my qualifications and connections to act as a leader on your project. My team is composed of an in-house team as well as a network of consultants and specialists who are dedicated to providing you with the best service. We aim to get you the best service at a cost within your budget. Your investment in our services will allow for your project to be handled with the utmost importance. We’ll use our architectural savvy to optimise your design and your building plan.  Design and documentation will be fully handled and all services to be provided will be outlined prior to the start of the working period.

Project Management & Development

My team of expert architects act as fully informed managers on your project through completion.

Advising: Design & Sustainability  

My skilled team is here to provide you with valuable advice on your project design and sustainability. As your architect, we are here to help you optimise your practices in lifecycle cost, energy consumption, and overall sustainable design materials.

Building Design

We take full initiative on creating the entire project design. We consider building sustainability and function, city and state regulations and laws, and any other compliance specific factors in the building process.  

Interior Design & Consulting

We offer advice on interior design and set up that will optimize the space for your project.

Urban Planning & Master Design

My architects are skilled in urban planning. They offer valuable insight on impact in urban spaces and location advising in both small and large cities and towns.

Pre-Briefing and Developmental Assessment

Our team implements a detailed brief in the early stages of the project. We assist clients who prefer to prepare their own briefs in optimising the accuracy on the brief to increase funding and policy approvals.

Planning Permit Applications:

We act as advisors on all permit planning and production. Our team specialises in obtaining all the necessary information for all applications and required local documents. We also handle planning appeals and communication with architectural authorities.

permit application

Design & Assign  Certification

As displayed in Building Control (Amendment) Regulations, S.I.9 of 2014., Our architects act as the Certifier of Design and Assigned Certifier.

Coordinating and Acting as Liaison Between Consultants

We use our network of industry privy consultants and specialists to add to the efficiency of your project. Our network consists of structural and design engineers, specialty surveyors, niche specific urban planners. As your architect, we will initiate and manage all communication with third-party consultants.

Architectural Conservation:

Identifying and preserving the characteristics of an “architectural conservation area” is necessary for specific clients. Our team of specialist is skilled in identifying and actively preserving buildings and projects that are in need of conservation.


Surveyor Services

By working with me, you’ll be guaranteed impeccable service in the following areas, as well as custom service based on consultation.


  • Feasibility studies
  • General & Business Valuations
  • Cost Advising / Management / Planning
  • Value Surveying and Engineering.
  • Profit evaluation & reporting
  • Cost control evaluation
  • Mortgage/ Loan surveying
  • Rates Management
  • Sale & Purchase Management
  • Documentation & Tender Preparation
  • Completion and progress reporting
  • Problem evaluation and inspection  – Leakage reporting

Property Valuation & Asset Surveying

  • First class service in property valuation designed to maximize property profit and identify all details with precision and accuracy.

papersDispute and Resolution

Our architects work with state and city regulators to dispute and resolve any issues with the development and continuation of your project.

 Condition Surveying:

Our team implements all testing and monitoring of the conditions of the property prior to and during the completion of the project. Through inspection and monitoring we are able to prepare detailed reporting for all aspects of the project.

Surveying Measurements & Drawings

Through careful planning and consultation, we precisely configure drawings and layouts of your project’s design, in order to accurately assist in design proposals for additions or changes.

Building Contract Administration

We manage all contracting and building contracts on your behalf.  We are in accordance with any design and planning regulations in your city. We handle all disputes and contractual questions from city representatives.

Your Interests is Our Priority

My team is fully dedicated to protecting all of your interests as a client. We work with numerous property owners to launch urban planning projects and facilitate growth through urban renewal. It’s our priority to negotiate the best rates and act as representatives on your behalf in the case of any legal or policy disputes. Our partnership will afford you negotiation with city and state officials as well as developers and landowners. We hold priority on valuation for minority interests. Our team handles disputes and acts as witnesses in land tribunal and any other form of disputes that may arise. As surveyors, our priority is to maintain the relationship with the city and land representatives as well as serve the client to the best of our ability.

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