Construction and Architect Awards in Asia

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Asia is known for some of the most innovative and well renowned architecture in the world. Industry professionals in Asia have developed a competitive mindset when working on projects, every construction group aims to reach a new level of innovation on their projects. Architects, surveyors, and construction workers who join Asian architectural projects have the opportunity to win several awards and accolades for their work. Organizations and funding groups join together to award members of the construction and architecture industry as a way to acknowledge hard work and promote the continuation of iconic Asian architecture. We have compiled a list of five of the most coveted construction and architect awards in Asia.

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) Innovation Award

Since 2015, the Construction Industry Council has provided an opportunity for recognition and award for the top 10 developers and architects in the Asian construction industry. The CIC aims to lead the development and promotion of new construction materials, methods, and innovative technologies. The CIC recognizes the importance of competitiveness as a way to promote growth and development within an industry. Visit the CIC site for more information on eligibility and requirements for the CIC innovation award.
The Construction Industry Council CIC Innovation Award

2A Asia Architecture Award

2A Asia has been recognized as a leader in the informational and innovation space for Asian architecture. The brand and magazine has been known to find new ways of recognizing and highlighting advancements within the architecture industry. The 2A Asia Architecture Award was designed as an initiative to expand the activities and projects of 2A Asia. The annual award ceremony highlights and celebrates achievements in architecture, and also features speakers, and debates on the current affairs of the Asian architecture industry. The 2A Continental Architectural Award recognizes architects who were a critical influence of building and designing projects and cities in Asia, with attention to cultural and historical values.

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ARCASIA Awards for Architecture

The ARCASIA Awards for Architecture aims to recognise influential and exemplary work by architects in the Asian market. The award was designed to encourage growth and a competitive spirit in the Asian architect and design market. ARCASIA prides itself as a positive motivational force in the development of Asian cities and communities with a focus on socio- economic and cultural growth. ARCASIA intends to promote the connection between city development and quality of life and cultural values within Asia.

BCI Asia Awards

The BCI Asia awards have been described as one of the most competitive and coveted awards in the Asian construction industry. BCI Asia intends to promote growth and development of the Southeast Asian market. The BCI award is given to companies and construction groups that have evidently shaped and built the future of the Southeast Asian environment and city life. BCI aims to highlight the importance of efficient companies and groups within the industry, and their impact on the overall environment. The BCI awards are held annually in Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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