RICS Regulation

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RICS, the mark of property professionalism worldwide, has successfully expanded its firms regulation operations into Asia Pacific .

The ‘Regulated by RICS’ designation confirms a firm’s commitment to follow a strict code of conduct and maintain the highest level of professional and ethical standards. Regulated firms are monitored by one of the world’s leading professional regulatory bodies – demonstrating their commitment to a strict code of conduct and maintaining the highest levels of professional and ethical standards.

Firm regulation ensures increased protection for the public, as firms are required to respond to all complaints and to have adequate professional indemnity insurance in place in the event of financial loss and/or professional duty breaches.

Firms in Asia Pacific can apply to be ‘Regulated by RICS’ on a voluntary basis. To sign up for RICS Regulation, at least one of the directors or principals in the firm needs to be an RICS member.


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