RICS APC Support Services in Hong Kong, China and Malaysia – APC Mentor Scheme

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As part of the APC supporting services, the APC mentor scheme has been established in Hong Kong, China and Malaysia since December 2007, September 2006, and November 2007 respectively. The scheme runs successfully in the three cities, and candidates registered for the mentor guidance and benefited from the scheme.

All the mentors in each of the three cities are qualified members who are willing to offer advices and assistance apart from your supervisors and counselors. If you are interested in having an APC mentor and for more details of the scheme, please contact:

Hong Kong
RICS Asia Office
t: +852 2537-7117
e: [email protected]

Ms Kelly Liu
t: +86 10 6581 4082
e: [email protected]

RICS Malaysia Office
t: +603 7957 9184
e: [email protected]

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