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Are you eligible for a membership fee concession in 2013?
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We know how important your RICS membership is to you and how valuable the practical assistance, information and training opportunities the organisation provides can be. We also understand that sometimes your personal circumstances should be taken into account when your membership fee is due.

That is why, under certain circumstances, you may qualify to have a concession applied to your membership fee.

The 2013 concession is available to apply for now. Please find the concession categories details as follow, if you fall into one of the groups listed below, you could be entitled to a concession.

  1. Non-practising / no longer working within the Surveying Profession
  2. Part-time
  3. Unemployed/seeking work
  4. Academic
  5. Maternity or adoption
  6. Family raising
  7. Retired / no longer working for remuneration
  8. Ill-health
  9. Dual membership
Members are only eligible for ONE personal concession (item 1 to 8 listed as above), but in addition for a second concession if you are also members of other respected international organisations (item 9 Dual membership) each subscription year.

Thus, if you had the ill-health, maternity or adoption, unemployed and family raising concession in 2012 or you have a rollover concession you will receive a mailing from RICS regarding the concessionary subscription rate in 2013.

Please note that ill-health, maternity or adoption, unemployed and family raising concessions require an annual application. Members who benefited from the non-practising, part time, academic, retired and dual membership concession in 2012 will automatically be eligible for 2013 and need not apply this year.

However, if you are no longer eligible for the non-practising, part time, academic, retired or dual membership concession you must inform us immediately. It is extremely important that you notify us if your circumstances have changed. As part of the audit process you may be selected to provide evidence of your status. Where any false declarations are made, disciplinary action will be taken.

If you did not receive a concession in 2012 and consider you could be eligible for 2013, please login to our and follow the following steps:
  • Step 1: Personal Concession
    Step 1 relates to the personal concessions you are applying for. Please select and complete only one section from Step 1.
  • Step 2: Dual Membership Concession [If you are not a member of another organisation, please skip this step and advance to step 3.]
    If you are also a member of one of the other international organisations listed in step 2, you may be eligible for an additional concession. If eligible please select and complete only one section from Step 2.
  • Step 3: Declaration
    Confirm your status by agreeing to the concessionary declaration and the Concession Application Terms and Conditions.
Please note that applications for 1.Non-pracitisng, 2. Part-time, 3. Unemployed or 4. Academic concessions must be received by 31 January 2013. Applications received after the 31 January 2013 deadline for these concessions will not be considered.

You have until 31 January 2013 to apply
Applications for concessions must be completed by 31 January 2013. However, if you want your 2013 renewal notice to reflect your concessionary membership fee, you should complete your application by 30 September 2012. Applications completed after this date but before the deadline date of 31 January 2013 will not show concessionary membership fees on 2013 renewal forms. In these circumstances details of amended membership fees will be available on

You can find full details of eligibility requirements in the terms and conditions section at

Should you have further enquiry or unable to apply the concession online, please contact RICS Asia at t: +852 2537 7117 or email to for assistance.


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